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The Tower (Death Row)

Welcome to the site of Scott. A. Rush from Brisbane Australia.
This is my own personal site and please read more of my story here. I am now a prisoner in Kerobokan Bali the above address is where I live these days, after being incarcerated on the 17th April 2005.
Story continues at the link to my story.....

New updates 7th January 2011





You don't know who I am

You may already know my name and know my family's too

But you don't know who I am although you think you do
You have only seen one part and heard from limited sides
I am a person with a past with nothing in it to hide
Like all children I grew fast and always reached for the sky
Forever curious and inquisitive constantly asking why
With my family by my side their life lessons they would teach
The world within my hands my goals and dreams to reach
From infant to child to teenager the years rolled by so quick
I grew to be a caring person with an impressive wit
It was a time in my life when new experiences came fast
I was living and loving life as I knew these years wouldn't last
You may have formed your opinion on the actions I took
But do you really understand or want to take a closer look?
I am a compassionate person, empathy and friendship I share
I have the emotions, I laugh and I cry for others I really care
Do you know my driving force or the colour I prefer?
Do you think of who I am or judge on what you have heard?
I made mistakes and am paying the price too rich for what I deserve.

I know I have to face the truth and do the time I serve
I do not stand alone my family by my side.

My future is uncertain, this wave I have to ride.

But in the end no matter what you read, what stories you are seeing,

In all the controversy going on please remember I am a human being.

By Anna Cross 24-04-2007



We thank you for your support in the past and hopefully you will stay with us into the  future.

God bless, thank you and
warm regards for 2011

Lee and Chris Rush















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